Anonymous Beer (blend 22813)

Basically trying a new method  lautering  the grains utilizing a large can (from a large can of tomato sauce from the warehouse club), and a perforated top of aluminum foil. No name for this brew hence Anonymous tag and brew date . Could it be the beer for the 99 percent ?

20130303-235354.jpg I usually rehydrate the yeast no matter if it’s liquid, or dry, as a habit, with dissolved corn sugar to feed it to get some indication of activity. I’ve been reading up on yeast techniques for starting and did a small batch mash and boil to get some extract to feed a starter for Stout 4 (yet to be blogged) and though that starter showed little activity, maybe because I’m used to seeing quick results with a bread recipe, it had no problems fermenting.


For this batch , basically Carafoam and a small amount of the Imperial Russian Stout blend for color and ajduncts,I decided to do a step mash.

Most equipment recommended nowadays is to use combination mash/latter tun to process the wort for the boil stage. At this time buying more equipment or modifying the 8 quart Faberware stockpot was not an option. I did not want to start home brewing with syrup or dried extract and probably read about the process of rinsing the grains after mashing using a different method other than fly sparging. So precedes the idea of using a metal cylinder and strainer for lautering with a perforated top to provide a method to drip the runnings and sparge water through the grains. A large can big enough to hold the 1gallon batch of grains, roughly 2.6 lbs. , was placed over a wire strainer placed in a colander.



The mash emptied into the lautering tun.

First runnings poured (recirculated ) through the lautering tun. The foil was punctured with several holes with a cake tester ( a small diameter pin can be used, if the holes became clogged , additional holes were made. Later heated sparge water was used till a correct amount of pre boil volume was reached. A later purchase of a testing cylinder and I’ll take SG readings.

Fuggles leaf hops are in the boil.


Fast forward 03/15/2013, bottled for conditioning stage. I add the priming solution to an empty one gallon glass fermenter jug, rack the beer into it , and siphon into the bottles using a racking cane, tubing, and plastic crimper to start/stop flow, other than having a separate bottling bucket. I just have several  1 gallon glass fermenters.




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