After utilizing mostly all of the grains in stock, and ordering over a several week period, the grains and hops are in. Time to update the inventory. Decided to hold off for now on any other yeast purchase as I have some dry varieties in stock and reuse the yeast from former batches.

As  I bake bread often, and have begun to make granola mix, cereal, cookies and bars I obtained some unmalted and flaked grains  to use for those recipes along with spent grain and of course brewing different types of beers.

From Midwest Supply

Rahr,  Red Wheat  1 lb                                   $1.49

Rahr, Unmalted Wheat 1 lb                         $1.49

Wyermann, Rye 1 lb                                       $1.79

Briess, Flaked Barley  1 lb                             $1.49

Briess, Flaked Rye        1 lb                             $1.59

Simpson’s Golden Naked Oats, 1lb             $2.09

Wyermann Carafoam, 1 lb                             $1.89

Castle Debittered Black, 1/2 lb                    $1.04

Simpson’s Peated Malt, 1/2 lb                      $1.19

Wyermann De-husked CarafaIII, 1/2 lb  $1.04

Simpson’s Roasted Barley, 1/2 lb                $1.04

Castle Special B 1/2 lb                                      $1.04

As a small batch brewer, 1 gallon, the availability of 1/2 lb minimum gives me more sampling and selection when crafting beers especially for the roasted, specialty and adjunct grains .  As recommended by some home brewers, I tasted the grains and by munching on them the Golden Naked Oats and the Special B were the most flavorfull, hence the creation of Peabody Porter.

Base Grains from Brewmasters Warehouse

Belgian Pilsner, 5lbs                                          $9.25

Briess Organic 2 Row   5lb                              $11.25

Crisp Marris Otter         5lb                               $9.25

Simpsons Golden Promise  5lb                      $9.45

Pellet Hops 1 oz each

Australian Super Pride

Falconer’s Blend

Styrian Goldings

United States Mosaic

German Hallertau

Leaf Hops 1 oz each

United Kingdom Kent Goldings

Czech Saaz

All Hops are Hop Union Brand from Northern Brewer


Now, is there is program I can input all of my inventory into and get possible recipes,  styles and types to brew?


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