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Brewery Update 2014

2014 plans planned brewery expansion for this year , 2 additional 1 gallon fermenters , will allow more longer term fermentation of some recipes. additional EZ cap bottles, DONE possibly a bigger stock pot, one good quality, possibly a Faberware 12 quart. I would buy this instead of a dedicated brewpot so it can be … Continue reading

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filed under :natural sweeteners to consider for adjuncts to brewing. —————————————————————————————————————————————————- another interesting article happened to be posted there, my comment: is “lawyering up” a necessity for a start up business ? Will it provide defense and/or offense ,  like any other profession, can be used for good or bad intent I suppose. … Continue reading

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How beer gave us civilization

While reviewing Blogs I follow,  I read an article posted by: the NY Times article here: By the way the graphic would make a good beer label , just have to think of a good name for a beer to go with it. Perhaps I’ll have a brew and ponder it. Continue reading