#74 Mild Scotch Ale
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#74 Mild Scotch Ale

A touch of chocolate malt, actually a mix of ingredients before a resupply.                BeerSmith 2 Recipe Printout – http://www.beersmith.com Recipe: #74 2017 Mild Scotch Ale Brewer: Peabody Pico Asst Brewer: Style: Strong Scotch Ale TYPE: All Grain Taste: (30.0) Recipe Specifications ————————– Boil Size: 2.688 gal Post Boil Volume: 2.188 gal Batch Size (fermenter): 2.000 … Continue reading

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Too hot to brew

With the recent hot weather I’ve delayed brewing anything lately. Even though I have some reserves with a 6 week lead time, I bought some insurance. Foolproof Brewing Company 4 Pack (King of the Yahd)     $11.21 King of the Yahd (8.5% ABV) Style: Imperial IPA Experience: Pour a glass, brace yourself, and become the King … Continue reading