Do you want to support passage of better beer laws in Rhode Island ?

Do you want to support passage of better beer laws in Rhode Island ? As long as local  breweries want to expand, they should be permitted to do so as this would allow an increase of beer to be sold at the brewery site by abolishing  the amount of ounces available for purchase  per visit and allow pint tastings. The number of ounces/ growler purchases (or packaged beer) … Continue reading

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Africa know-how makes SABMiller a good drinking partner

article from from article: Bootleg alcoholic drinks cause regular deaths across the continent, such as the 75 people killed by poisonous beer served at a funeral in Mozambique in January. “Homemade alcohol products still dominate the African market, but they pose a significant health risk,” said Baker. “This is an incentive for consumers … Continue reading

Beer Tasting
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Beer Tasting

Tasting Schofferhofer, just enough for a taste, grapefruit, very fruity, a beer blend, the grapefruit flavor not overwhelming, fresh, not artificial, but not really what I’d be looking for in a beer unless maybe there was a shot of vodka in it. Makes a good accompaniment with a morning brunch or perhaps a base for … Continue reading

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How beer gave us civilization

While reviewing Blogs I follow,  I read an article posted by: the NY Times article here: By the way the graphic would make a good beer label , just have to think of a good name for a beer to go with it. Perhaps I’ll have a brew and ponder it. Continue reading